Florida Dental Lab Productions

Sterling Dental Arts is a full-service laboratory with the ability to address and complete complex challenges that are associated with restorative dentistry. We're proud to offer our incredible work and work alongside professional dentists.


Here are the products that we offer at our Florida dental lab. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us today at (321) 453-4867.




Digital Dentures


Clear Aligners


Materials Used


• Natural-Cryl

• SLM and Digital Precious Metals

• LavaPlus Zirconia,Liquid infultrated Zirconia, Anterior Zirconia

• Tilite


Products Used

• Emax

• Zirconia

• Metal Ceramics

• Vitallium

• Wironium

• Duractal

• Dentures

• Metal w/ Acrylic Frames

• Flexible Partials

• Eclipse or Clearsplint Nightguards